Detailed Engineering

Mechanical, civil, hydraulic, electrical, communication and control: a comprehensive document explaining in a timely manner how the automation will run on each of the following specialties develops.

It quantifies and details the scope of the work.

The characteristics and limitations of the equipment and materials are described.

Project Implementation

All our projects are implemented and executed according to the warrant of the site, industrial safety programs, environmental controls, and very strict work programs audited internally:

  • Installation: Running mechanical works, civil, electrical, communication and control. Work plan, safety program, compliance with customer requirements.

  • Settings: Development of programming routines and equipment operation; configuration memory, program loading, testing and inspection.

  • Commissioning Operation: Startup and initialize the operation of the equipment and leaving them to continuo operate in compliance with the objectives of automation.
  • Training: Project and its scope; operation of equipment; maintenance procedures; management manuals and project documentation.

  • Documentation: Data Books - project report; technical summary to detail of the mechanical, electrical, civil, control, communication.


Permanent post sales support is available - there is adequate infrastructure and the body of specialized engineers and certified to provide corrective and preventive maintenance of equipment and thus continue to get the high profitability of the systems.

Annual maintenance contracts are available.