Automatic Dewatering System

Its widely known manual dewater operations in refining and oil production fields generate most of the slop-oil that ends in the API pits and the Waste Water Treatment Plants. It´s calculated slop oil recovery cost about $10 USD a barrel due the use of chemicals, energy, equipment, time and labor.

Wilbur Eagle Technology (WET) Automatic Dewater System was specifically designed to eliminate the generation of slop oil produced in manual dewater operations. The systems works as a turn key solution.

WET Automatic Dewater System rest in two fundamental concepts:
(1) a solid Engineering by Design, which agglutinates all the experience gained in studying dewatering processes which most contribute to the generation of slop oil, and, (2) by using a proprietary technology that allow us to have “vision” on the hydrocarbon-water interface inside the vessel or process unit. In applications involving crude oil so difficult to monitor and control the dynamic change of the interface oil-water, our solution provide us the possibility to accurately “see” how the interface changes according to different process control strategies.

Wilbur Eagle Technology Automatic Dewater System is a proprietary solution, which includes field instrumentation, valves and controls; control room equipment to monitor and display real data; commissioning services to install, calibrate, start-up, train and document the job.

We can install the Wilbur Eagle Automatic Dewater System in less than 60 days providing an effective solution to any dewater problem.

OUR MISSION: Ensure the elimination of slop oil, fulfilling the highest standards for Industrial Safety and Environmental Protection.

Wilbur Eagles Technology Automatic Dewatering System has been successfully installed in the following processes providing excellent results.

  • Crude Oil Storage Tanks; Gasoline Storage Tanks.
  • Electrostatic Desalters.
  • 2P & 3P Production Separators.
  • Gun Barrels Separator Tanks.
  • Sour Water Gasoline Scrubbers.
  • API Pits.

Automatic Dewatering System in a 200,000 berrel per day crude oil storage tank.