1. Multiphase Metering

Principle of Operation

Multiphase Meters are used to determine in real time the volumes of oil, gas and water produced by an oil well, a group of wells (current flow), collection stations in production fields or offshore platforms, without any previous separation.

The scope of applications for the multiphase meter is:

  • Exploration and production testing of wells.

  • Monitoring of production at real time.

  • Delivery or distribution measurement.

The solution consists of a Venturi tube, a Pressure Sensor, a temperature sensor, a Gravitational Densitometer and a Water Cut Meter.

2. Water Cut Meter

Principle of Operation

The Water Cut Meter measures the volume fraction of water in a liquid mixture using “microwave absorption technology”.

This technology takes advantage of the distinct difference in the microwave energy absorption between the oil and water.

A microwave signal with a precise frequency is send through the liquid mixture, the intensity of the transmitted signal decreases exponentially with increasing volume fraction of water in the liquid mixture based on the Beer-Lambert law.

A Data Analysis System (DAS) is used to acquire, amplify and process the transmitted microwave signal and sends a signal of 4-20 mA and a digital signal RS485 corresponding to the water cut in the liquid mixture.