Oily Water Separation Systems and Crude Oil Recovery

Wilbur Eagle Separation Technology.

By using the same MECHANICAL EMULSION BREAKER TECHNOLOGY as our dewatering separation systems, with exception that the internal materials are oleophilic in the oily water separation system, since our current process for this system is primarily water with traces of oil which is separated extremely efficiently without the use of chemicals in ranges of < 15 parts per million “ppm” of oil in the output water and recover dry crude oil of the oily water automatically.

1. Efficient, stable, and automatic un-interrupted operation under varying operating conditions:

a. Can receive batches of oil up to 100%.
b. Efficient management of mechanically stable emulsions.
c. Consistent efficiency: water output in < 15 ppm of oil in water and less than 2% of water in the oil recovered in an integrated process.

2. Very low operating cost:

a. No chemicals are required, therefore:

i. Chemical input is eliminated from the production crude.
ii. No generation of special waste.
iii. No special handling - dangerous chemicals and waste.
iv. Avoid costs of transportation, handling and storage.

b. Very low power consumption for operation.

c. Low cost of spare parts that are changed once a year or less.

d. No maintenance or ongoing services, since its only moving parts are a pump and control valves.

3. Fully Ecological System:

a. No chemical waste is generated nor special treatment.
b. Closed system, without emission of volatiles in the atmosphere.
c. Stable efficiency.
d. Permanent compliance with international regulations of bilge water drop of water.

Oily Water Separation System Video: